Oct 11th

DDVP security situation online! Interpretation of block chain industrial safety.

For More Information「Security situation」
Sep 26th

DVP Token cash on line! DVP Token is officially in circulation.

Sep 19th

Bytom to DVP community and release the bug bounty standard

For More Information「Bytom」
Sep 17th

Community rules Beta 2.0 released, mainly improved the loophole gathering protocol and loophole quality.

For More Information「Community rules」
Sep 11th

DVP community self-governing plan V1.0 released: To build a self-governing DVP community.

For More Information「DVP community self-governing plan」
Sep 10th

TrueChain to DVP community and release the bug bounty standard

For More Information「TrueChain」
Aug 31st

Non trumpet to DVP community and release the bug bounty standard

For More Information「Non trumpet」
Aug 29th

information system on-line to report the latest activity of DVP in time

Aug 22nd

risk project teams ranking list on-line to highlight related safety risks

For More Information「Risk Vendor」
Aug 17th

1.DVP community open 10 vulnerabilities details to help more project teams maximizing vulnerability information mining, enhance the business value and create a safer business environment.

2.automation process on-line ,ONT pioneered the bug bounty standard

For More Information「ONTology」
Aug 9th

1.DVP counted more than 600 exchanges have vulnerability risk ,which may cause data leaked.

2.Essence Vulnerability on-line

For More Information「Essence Vulnerability」
Aug 2nd

DVP Toekn Hacktivity on-line

July 31st

1.DVP Fund on-line:Publicize the hacktivily of DVP community investment, company reward, vulnerability award, community award (airdrop, activity award, etc.)

2.Essence Vulnerability online

For More Information「DVP Fund」
July 24th

DVP (Decentralized Vulnerability Platform)of the on-line

1.release the DVP white paper

2.issue community rules and bounty

3.vulnerability submission function of the white hats

4.withdrawal function of the white hats

5.ONT、Colinlink、Bibox、everToken、Vechain、ShowCoin 6 block chain manufacturers enter DVP