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Related to vendors

1. Why select DVP?

 Traditional security service products are mainly used for automatically check security issues, and have limited applicability. In DVP community, white hats and security engineers from all over the world, following attackers’ own logic, test and detect vendors’ security problems, improve the loophole warning and urgent response mechanism, and improve the blockchain industry’s overall security.

2. How to use DVP?

 First, register an account, and pass identity check;

 Second, pay a security deposit, and publish a loophole reward plan;

 Third, you are on DVP platform.

3. Do I need a company email to register DVP account?

 Yes, it's used for identity confirmation and future loophole publication. This email is not displayed publicly.

4. Am I on the DVP platform after registering an account?

 No, two more steps are needed: Pay a security deposit and publish a loophole reward plan. After completing these two steps, you are on the DVP platform.

5. What is security deposit?

 A security deposit of no less than 50ETH is needed from a vendor, to pay for future loophole reward. The security deposit can be returned any time.

6. What is white hat?

 White hats are security experts who can identify security loopholes in computer or network systems, but unlike black hats, they do not exploit the loopholes, instead contact the vendors or third party loophole reporting platforms, to help vendors fixing the loopholes, and improve the overall system security.

7. Who decides the amount of loophole reward?

 Currently it’s decided by professional loophole auditors according to the severity of the loopholes. Please refer to [Community reward standard]

8. Who pays the loophole reward?

 There are two types of loopholes, one belongs to vendors on the DVP platform, and one to vendors not on DVP platform. For the vendors on the DVP platform, they pay the reward and own the intellectual property and decide to publish the info about the loophole or not. For vendors not on the DVP platform, DVP will give seven days for the vendor to claim the loophole, after seven days, DVP fund will pay the reward, the DVP community may process the loophole publicly, and if they are fixed, may publish the detailed information ( but obscure anything sensitive)

9. Is DVP free?

 DVP is totally free, all rewards from vendors go to white hats

10. How to claim loophole?

 Vendors need to first register, then they can check and process loopholes.

Enterprise claims loophole operation process:

1) Register using an company mailbox (Regular mailbox is ok if you don’t have a company mailbox)

2) Identity check (typically can be done in one to three days)

3) Log in DVP

4) Check loopholes in vendor’s account

5) After checking the loophole details, you can click to claim a loophole

11. How to put up a reward?

 After paying the security deposit, vendors can see the reward management page and edit reward plan. The plan includes:

1)Reward plan

2)Test range

3)Loophole risk levels


12. Is the loophole detail open to public?

 After loopholes are fixed, DVP may selectively publish some typical loopholes, but will obscure any sensitive details

13. Is DVP responsible to fix loopholes?

 DVP is not responsible for fixing loopholes, but you can contact us for help.

14. Why vendors need to confirm on DVP for fixed loopholes?

 To improve the overall security of the blockchain eco system, vendors need to email and notify DVP after loopholes are fixed, or register a DVP account and change the status of loopholes to ‘fixed’ in the loophole management page.

15. What are risky vendors?

 To call on the industry to pay more attention to blockchain security, DVP publishes risky vendors ranking, which lists vendors that don’t fix high risk loopholes.

 DVP has a quantitative analysis model to rank blockchain industry and vendors, and has detailed explanation about loophole risk levels, to help investors to understand the health status of blockchain eco system.

16. What if I forget my password?

 Please save your password in a safe place. DVP is a decentralized platform and follows blockchain rules, so we cannot recover lost account/password (private key).

Related to white hats

1. What are the timeline and procedure of loophole audit?

1  After white hats submit a loophole, DVP professional auditors will audit and confirm the loophole information, and give it a price tag. Due to the difficulty of audit and analysis procedure, audit time may be between three to seven days, and could be longer for some cases.

2. How to improve the pass rate of loophole submission?

 Please use DVP template to submit loopholes, don’t delete the template, or the submission will be rejected. Related texts and graphs should be complete, with consequence and proof of the loophole, so the submission can pass the audit the first time, and you get better reward.

3. How long is the waiting period for a loophole reward request?

 DVP pays reward with crypto currency, within seven days after the loophole is claimed, and your wallet address must be valid.

4. Why it says reward paid, but I didn’t receive it?

 Currently all rewards are paid through Ethereum network. Sometimes the ethereum network may have traffic jam to slow down transactions, or broadcast failure. If that happens, please email us with your transaction record and amount.

5. What if a loophole is submitted twice?

 When the repeated submissions are received, DVP selects the first one submitted.

6. How to check if a loophole is repeated?

 Currently DVP doesn’t support checking of repeated submissions. If there are repeated submissions, auditors will put the repeated ID in the loophole information, and white hats can use the loophole ID to check on the loophole status page.

7. How to check the status of my submission?

 Please log in the DVP loophole info page to check the status of loophole processing.

8. Is there any role for punishment?

 If there is violation of community rules, the violator account could be disabled.

9. How to resolve disagreement?

 During the loophole processing, if white hats disagree with the procedure, loophole severity, or reward, please email DVP online member service. DVP will coordinate with vendors and submitters, and priority goes to loophole submitters. DVP may introduce independent security professionals if needed.

10. How to contact DVP?

 DVP feedback mailbox: [email protected]

 DVP wetchat account: dvpnet

11. What if I forget my password?

 Please save your password in a safe place. DVP is a decentralized platform and follows blockchain rules, so we cannot recover lost account/password (private key).

12. Any limitation on the number of loophole submissions?


13. What are the benefits of teamwork at DVP?

1)Team Register Reward

5,000 DVP for Elite Team Registration

2)Monthly Leaderboard Reward

50,000 DVP for Champion Team
30,000 DVP for Runner-up Team
10,000 DVP for Third Place Team

3)Star of the Month Reward

20,000 DVP for the Team with the Highest Number of Qualified Vulnerability Reports Per Member (in Average)

4)Monthly Participation Reward

5,000 DVP for Teams Two or More Qualified Vulnerability Reports


▪ Each team should have at least 3 people, and no more than 10 people.

▪ Monthly leaderboard is ranked by team reputation score which is earned by submitting qualified vulnerability reports.

▪ Except registering an elite team, "gold level" is required to register a new team.

▪ A team needs to have 6 or more qualified vulnerability reports per member (in average) in the month to earn the monthly leaderboard reward or the star of the month reward.

▪ All monthly rewards are counted and sent out by every month.

Related to DVP

1. DVP introduction

1  DVP stands for Decentralized Vulnerability Platform, and it’s the first decentralized loophole platform in the world. DVP community is a decentralized autonomous organization, publish loophole information responsibly, coordinate between blockchain vendors and white hats, and improve the overall security of blockchain eco system.

2. About decentralization

 DVP doesn’t save or publish white hats personal information, only ID and specialities. At the same time, DVP doesn’t publish vendors’ contact info, only vendor ID and reward plan etc. In the first phase, DVP is still centralized, but its operation will become decentralized later, and eventually will have its own public blockchain. For details please refer to official [white paper].

3. DVP community introduction

 To coordinate blockchain vendors and white hats efficiently, and build a better blockchain system, DVP foundation plans to build DVP into an autonomous community, and the plan is as follows:

First phase: member recruitment

Second phase: release management power to members

Third phase: Community self-management

For details please see [DVP autonomous community plan 1.0]

4. How to become a DVP community member?

 DVP foundation uses Github ( to assign community tasks, and give task rewords (i.e., contribution value). Completing tasks in the DVP eco system (including but not limited to, white hats, security vendors, DVP platform vendors) will get contribution points, and when you contribution value is greater than zero, you become a DVP community member.

Related to DVP Token

1. DVP token definition

1  DVP token is the only acceptable currency in the DVP eco system, and its total amount is fixed. All payment, reward, security deposit on the DVP network, must be paid using DVP token. DVP token can be used to reward community members also, or provide liquidity to them.

 Total amount: 5 billion

 Symbol: DVP

2. DVP token usage

 Can be used for the security deposit of vendor reward

 Can be used to pay for loophole reward

 Can be used for reward of community maintenance, such as community development or publicity events

3 . ERC20 design explanation

 Support token locking: Part of the DVP tokens can be locked according to dVP white paper, and to be released quarterly.

 Weakened privilege: DVP token can have owner account, but it only have transaction suspension privilege, cannot affect users’ asset, so no single point failure.

 Highly secure: DVP token contracts have been hardened and passed audit from several professional blockchain security companies, and they are highly secure. [DVPToken intelligent contract audit report]

 Fixed amount: The total amount of DVP tokens are fixed, and they don’t have token destroy/re-issue functions.

4. Community reward

 Loophole is mining mechanism. Every reward projects need to put $50000 DVP platform security deposit. 10% of every loophole reward goes to DVP fund. On the last day of every month, among the DVP fund income in that month, 80% go to all DVP token holders, and 20% go to the top loophole submitters of that month.